Transverse Carpet Tile by Patcraft

Patcraft commercial flooring. Patcraft focuses on sustainability and quality products that will last for years. They are driven by their purpose, intention and imagination. Patcraft has focused on creating high performance flooring solutions for all markets. Patcraft works and learns from their customers to understand how flooring can support how people learn, work better, heal and connect in a room. Flooring is an important part of building, so they focus on trends and new innovations that happen daily. Patcraft is a leading hard and soft surface commercial brand and hold their selves to the highest standards. Patcraft has been delivering high quality products for years that can transform your room or experience anywhere. Due to their commitment to high design and performance Patcraft has been recognized by several industry leading awards like; Best of Neocon, Architizer A+ Awards, Nightingale and more. Let Patcraft inspire you to create a beautiful room and transform your environment to give you the exact feeling and style you desire. Look at all the beautiful products available from Patcraft that will be sure to improve your office, morale and stand the test of time.

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